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If you’re relocating to Wilton CT, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Wilton is located in the beautiful Norwalk River Valley. It’s a small town but you’ll find a unique sampling of art, culture, fine dining, and trendy bars. If you can’t find what you need close to home, it’s an easy drive to Bridgeport, Danbury, or even New York City.

You’ll find an impressive selection of homes for sale in Wilton CT. Whether you’re looking for a modern showplace, a historic Victorian house, or a luxury home on a hillside, we’ll help you locate exactly what you have in mind. To help you get started on your search, we’ve created a Relocation Guide to Wilton CT.

History of Wilton CT

In 1640, a man named Roger Ludlow acquired Indian lands between the Norwalk and Saugatuck Rivers. He never relocated to the land but in 1650, another group purchased the property. They established a settlement of families and enlisted a congregationalist minister as required by the local government. Town business owners eventually operated sawmills, a grist mill, and a tavern as required by Connecticut Code.

After years of petitioning, Wilton gained parish rights in 1726; although, formally, it remained a part of Norwalk. The parish built its first meeting house that same year. In 1790, after the first and second meetinghouses deteriorated, they built a church on Ridgefield Rd. The original church is still standing today.

Three hundred Wilton men fought in the Revolutionary war. Wilton is also known for a 1777 attack. As British soldiers retreated from a confrontation in Danbury, they set fire to homes in Wilton.

Wilton remained a part of Norwalk until the Connecticut General Assembly granted them independent government status in 1802.

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Considering Relocating to Wilton, CT?

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Your Wilton Relocation Checklist

At Brooke Group Real Estate, we understand that relocating is often stressful. We work closely with you to make the process as stress-free as possible. Our buyer’s agents provide advice, assistance, and service during your initial consultation, your Wilton home search, your closing, and beyond. 



If you’re relocating to Wilton CT for a job, timing is critical. As soon as you know your destination, you should contact Brooke Group Real Estate immediately. When you reach out to us, our real estate professionals will help get you started on your home buying quest.



When you talk to our Wilton real estate agent, you’ll notice that we ask a lot of questions. Your answers help us jumpstart your home-buying process. As a buyer, you already know what kind of home you want. When you tell us what you know, it helps us find a home that meets your need.



An in-person visit is important to your home buying journey. You get a first-hand look at the Wilton CT’s home inventory. We arrange for you to tour homes with the features you like. If you plan to spend more then a day, you can have dinner, walk through town, and meet your future friends and neighbors.

We highly recommend in-person tours. If you can’t take the time out of your schedule to visit Wilton, there’s an online alternative. Many listings include professional photos, walkthrough or drone videos, or 3-D virtual tours. These online media presentations give you a close-up look at the homes you like. They’re the next best thing to an in-person visit.



A do it yourself move is usually economical. It’s often a stress-inducing option, especially if you’re moving to another city or state. As you make your plans for relocating to Wilton CT, think about the time and energy it takes. Professional movers pack everything. They load up the truck and drive it to your destination city. You can spend your move-time relaxing and preparing for the rush of activities it takes to settle into a new location.

If you’re relocating to Wilton CT for a new job, your employer should pay the costs. If your job doesn’t offer a relocation package, check with your tax professional. The costs could be tax-deductible.



One of the biggest hassles of relocating to Wilton CT, is finding new service companies, professionals, and suppliers. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the contacts you’ll need.



When you’re relocating to Wilton CT, selling your existing home becomes one of your primary concerns. At Brooke Group Real Estate, we help you resolve this dilemma. We connect you with our network of real estate professionals. They work with you to sell your home as quickly as possible.

If you’re relocating to Wilton CT, we can’t guarantee that you will close on your sale before you go. We can assure you that your marketing process will be in the best possible hands.


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