Relocation Guide to Fairfield

Fairfield County, Connecticut

If you’re considering relocating to Fairfield CT, Brooke Groupe Real Estate provides services that can make the process easier. Our agents know the area and the market. We’re dedicated to helping you find a perfect place to call home.

The Fairfield real estate market offers a showcase of custom villas, luxury estates, and architecturally trendy spaces. You can come home to a secluded tree-lined street, a lush wooded landscape, or a beautiful waterfront view. If you prefer a more modest home, we will help you find a smaller residence with the same attention to location and style.

History of Fairfield CT

Puritans founded Fairfield in 1639, making it one of Connecticut’s oldest towns. Most of the original settlers farmed the land. Even in the town’s earliest days, they sold goods in New York and beyond. Early Fairfield is also known for its 1692 witch trial and for developing the Salt-Box style house in the 1600s.

The Revolutionary War dealt Fairfield a critical setback. On July 7, 1779, an estimated 2,000 British soldiers came ashore. They burned homes, schools, a courthouse, 2 meetinghouses, the jail, and other local structures. The Connecticut government offered some citizens cash for their destroyed property. Others accepted state-owned land in an area that later became Ohio. Former Connecticut residents named their new Ohio towns after Connecticut locations.

Fairfield recovered from the war and continued its growth. By 1848, the railroad was helping to transform the town. Manufacturers, shops, and other businesses attracted immigrant workers. Beaches, hotels, and grand homes made Fairfield an ideal vacation spot.

Considering Relocating to Fairfield CT?

We’re here to assist you. Give us a call at (860) 323-8020 to find out how our real estate professionals can help you through the relocation.

Fairfield Relocation Checklist

We know that relocating can be tough on you and your family. The process is often overwhelming when moving takes you across the state or across the country. We know you’ll have a hundred little details to take care of. We created a Relocation Guide to Fairfield to help you get started.



You should contact a real estate agent when you first learn that you’ll be relocating to Fairfield CT. When you contact Brooke Group Real Estate, we take immediate steps to assist you in your search. We assess your home-buying requirements and use our resources to locate compatible properties.



You probably know what you want even before you begin your search. It’s your job to convey your wants to your real estate agent. When we understand your homebuying goals, we focus on looking for specific types of properties and target those that meet your specifications.



You get a better feel for a home when you take a tour. An in-person visit allows you to see important details you might not notice in a print or online ad. We recommend extending your stay for a day or two. You can also get a feel for the town and the people who will are a part of your new community.

If you can’t visit before relocating to Fairfield CT, online listings often provide media presentations. Many include high definition photos, walkthrough videos, or 3-D virtual tours. The right media presentation might make you feel confident enough to make a choice without seeing a property in person



DIY moving is an economical option but it can easily cause relocation burnout. Relocating to Fairfield CT or any city is often stressful. Movers help you reduce that stress. They pack everything, load everything, and drive it to your location. When they arrive at your destination they put everything exactly where you want it.


Of course, there’s a cost involved. If you’re relocating to Fairfield CT for your employer, the costs are often included in a transfer package. You can also contact your tax professional to see if moving expenses are tax-deductible



When you’re relocating to Fairfield CT, you must reestablish all of your professional connections. Here’s our list of the most commonly required services.



Arranging to have your home sold is one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do before relocating to Fairfield CT. If you’re moving because of a job, you won’t likely have enough time to sell your home. You might not even have enough to get it on the market.

When you contact us about relocating to Fairfield CT, we can also connect you with one of our associates in your area. You’ll have a real estate professional working with you on both ends to make your home buying and selling go as smoothly as possible.


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