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Foreclosure, Estate & Probate

Foreclosure, Estate & ProbateAt Brooke Group Real Estate, we have the expertise to assist you with complex and non-traditional property transactions. We work with you and your legal representative to help you comply with fiduciary responsibilities and court or mortgage company mandates. We provide critical services to market your home quickly and efficiently.


When a financial setback puts your home in jeopardy of foreclosure, you must take a proactive approach. Selling your home quickly is one of the best ways to avoid foreclosure and eliminate your mortgage obligation. You’ll move forward with one less financial burden and less damage to your credit.

Don’t Sell Your Home Without Professional Assistance

Marketing your home to beat a foreclosure deadline is a serious challenge. When you’re upfront about your situation, a real estate professional can commit to getting your house on the market and selling it as quickly as possible. Our Agents will help you work through an expedited step-by-step process.

  • Pre-Listing Preparation
  • Staging and Curb Appeal
  • Comparative Marketing Analysis
  • Pricing Recommendations
  • Media-Rich Listings
  • Reaching out to Qualified Buyers

Foreclosure Mediation

If your mortgage company files a foreclosure complaint while you’re trying to sell your home, the Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation program gives you options. During the mediation period, you can continue marketing your home or consider alternative solutions.


As Executor or Administrator of a decedent’s estate, a property often complicates your fiduciary duties. It’s your responsibility to protect and maintain an estate property. You must keep it insured, keep the utilities on and communicate with creditors. You must also comply with the Connecticut Probate Court Rules of Civil Procedure.

At some point, the probate court will require you to establish the property’s value. Based on the terms of a decedent’s will or the best interests of the estate, a judge might also require you to sell the property for the best possible price.

The court must give its authorization and approval before you list a home or finalize a sale. If a private buyer makes an offer before you list the property, the court will reject it if you can’t prove that the offer is adequate.

A Real Estate Professional Can Assist You

As a fiduciary, you assume responsibility for the tasks that move the sale process forward. Realtors provide critical services to help you meet your responsibilities and comply with court requirements and mandates.

  • Comparative Marketing Analyses
  • Inspections and Appraisals
  • Listing and Marketing
  • Documentation for Court Approval


When a Connecticut probate court appoints or approves you as the Guardian or Conservator of an estate, you must manage the assets in compliance with Probate Court rules. Guardians manage assets for minors or intellectually incapacitated adults. Conservators manage assets for adults under certain circumstances.

If you fill one of these roles, you have a responsibility to maintain and protect the estate’s assets. If an estate includes a home or other real property, you must meet court guidelines if you decide to sell.

  • A sale must be in the best interests of the person under guardianship or conservatorship.
  • You must petition the court for permission to sell and prove the property’s fair market value.
  • If another buyer offers a higher price, the court may deny a petition and market the property at a public sale.


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If you’re dealing with a foreclosure or you’re the Guardian or Conservator of a home in probate, we can make your sales and marketing process less stressful. Call us at (860) 323-8020 to learn more about our professional real estate services.

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We have a phenomenal team of Agents and are continuing to grow. If you’re interested in a career in real estate, or are looking to join our team, contact us!

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